What is a laboratory information management system?

By November 19, 2020news
A scientist looking at a flask with results to a test he is about to enter into his LIMS.

A laboratory information management system (LIMS) is a software program that helps with testing and calibrating scientific devices, analyzing sample results, and tracking information required for regulatory compliance.

LIMS is particularly crucial for laboratories that need to follow the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) strict regulations for quality control.

Why do you need a LIMS?

The FDA requires laboratories to keep detailed records of all testing performed. Without a LIMS, tracking information for each test is extremely time-consuming. Laboratories can spend hours just entering information.

A LIMS also helps with regulatory compliance. For example, a LIMS allows you to report all test results to the FDA in a timely manner.

What should you look for in a LIMS?

When comparing LIMS systems, you should look for:

  • Ease of use: You want to choose a LIMS that’s simple to use. It should also be easy to customize so you can meet your own needs.
  • Multiple users: You want a LIMS that supports multiple users so you can assign testing responsibilities to different staff members.
  • Reporting tools: You should choose a LIMS that offers reports that help you analyze data and meet regulatory requirements.
  • Flexibility: You want a LIMS that’s easy to integrate with other systems and has the ability to expand as your business grows.
  • Training and support: You should choose a LIMS that offers training on the software for you and your staff. You should also look for a company that offers ongoing support.

A quality LIMS can save you time, money, and stress. 

A row of microscopes in a lab that is using a Lab management system.

How does a laboratory information management system work?

In an LIS, clinical data are entered into a computerized database. The data are directly entered into the database from the instrument, or can be recorded on paper and scanned into the computer. The data are then immediately available to the laboratory management team for reporting, analysis and decision-making. The laboratory manager can make decisions on the spot based on real-time laboratory data.

A common feature of most LIS is the ability to produce laboratory reports, which is also used to provide clinicians with the results of their test.

How does this affect my laboratory?

LIS can be used to streamline how the laboratory works for example, by providing a single window view of all laboratory data. This can help in making decisions about staffing and workflow, planning for equipment upgrades, and tracking the effect of changes in policies, procedures, and protocols.

How do I select an LIS?

We recommend that you request a demonstration of any system to ensure that it will meet your needs. Look for lab management systems that are driven by reputable companies like SapioSciences.

Should I consult with my laboratory staff before selecting an LIS?

Yes, you should consult with your laboratory staff on the features that you would like to have in an LIS. You should also make sure that the LIS will be able to interface with the instruments that you are currently using.

How does laboratory information management system online training help you in your career?

LIMS online training is a perfect option to get your career to the next level. With the increasing significance of LIMS in the field of laboratory, this online training has become a must-have for all the people who are working in the field of laboratory. It will help you to build your career in the field of laboratory and become more successful in the industry.

There are so many benefits of getting LIMS online training that you can access through this. The online training will make you more confident about the course. You will be able to perform the tasks very well and in a better way in the field of laboratory.

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Apart from this, LIMS online training will help you to understand the working of the laboratory system very easily. It will help you to understand the various functions of the system very easily.

You will be able to understand the functions of the system very easily through this. You will be able to understand how to perform all the tasks in a better way.

Thanks for reading my article covering LIMS requirements. I hope that this helped you to understand what you should expect when looking for a LIMS solution.

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