Value, availability, reliability and respect.. the essentials you need to know about us.

AMCONN Store markets affordable IT connectivity products and common computer components to end-users in business, government and the home. AMCONN Store is dedicated to offering exceptional value and customer support across a comprehensive line of products.

The Company has solid relationships with many of the main players in the computer components supply chain. These relationships have resulted in wide availability of AMCONN Store’s products, at a great price advantage.

Reliability and respect are two very important aspects of AMCONN Store’s approach to business. Reliable products are assured through quality designs and the use of only the finest materials and workmanship. This reliability is backed up by warranties longer than industry standards. Reliable service is assured through the hiring of employees that place the needs of the customers first. The company also has a healthy respect for customers, employees and suppliers, and fosters development of similar respect in all of its employees.



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