KC3C9Product Features


  • One PS/2 Mouse cable, one PS/2 Keyboard cable and one SVGA mini-coax cable
  • Three cables bonded together with All-In One construction for easy cable management
  • 6 pin mini DIN male connectors for Mouse and Keyboard, HDDB 15 pin male connectors for Monitor
  • Color coded mouse and keyboard connectors
  • Molded cable ends for durability and easy grip
  • Used with KVM212PC, KVM412P, KVM414P, KVM512IR, KVM612UP, KVM614UP, KVMC5EXT and other PS/2 KVM switches
  • Lifetime warranty


Product Description

AMCONN’s PS/2 ALL-In-ONE KVM cables use a three cables in one design to connect computers with PS/2 mice and keyboards to a KVM switch. These three-in-one cables consist of one PS/2 mouse cable and one PS2  keyboard cable – both with 6 pin mini DIN color coded male connectors – and one SVGA mini-coax monitor cable with HDDB 15 pin male connectors. High quality materials ensure superior performance and reliability. PS/2 ALL-In-ONE KVM cables are used with AMCONN’s KVM212PC, KVM412P, KVM414P, KVM512IR, KVM612UP,       KVM614UP, KVMC5EXT and other PS/2 KVM switches.


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Product Specifications

10 ft. PS 2 ALL