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By August 15, 2019news
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Without a doubt, the enterprise computing business has lately seen positive changes in its operations. Product announcements are increasingly focused on helping companies understand the importance of technology in doing business.

No longer ‘Product Focused’

Initially, the IT sector was product-driven until it transitioned to being concept focused. Truly it would be impressive to go back in time and determine the reason behind this shift; it’s like trying to learn how we stopped being children and realised that we are old. Absolutely this is a nice change; “concept” focus is more promising compared to “product” focus.

Before the change, every analyst firm and technology publication used to look back at this time of year and produce a list of the best products of the previous year. In reality, most of these products were just “dot releases” only noted for being smaller, lighter and faster in terms of hardware compared to their predecessors. Usually, they were more popular for their promising functions and features that were not yet available on the market. They also finally delivered the functions and features that were promised in the products featured on the previous year’s list.

Some products like the iPad rarely featured on the list which really signified a dramatic change. Back those days if you can quite remember, product announcements were presented with loud music and costly videos before a multitude of Comdex attendees. The attendees even got gift bags! Anyone who closely resembled a tech journalist received thick, sleek press kits that were shipped overnight – (ka-ching for FedEx). I remember seeing as many as 50 FedEx boxes stacked in one editorial department with latest product press releases plus useless trinkets like key chains, t-shirts, and coffee cups. Most of the kits ended up being dumped into the trash.

Faster, Lighter and Greener Tech

All that noise and all of those activities were to celebrate the announcement of a laptop which was 2-ounces lighter, a software that may be useful in 6 months, or a “green” server. It’s great that we are in the age of trends and concepts…sigh! But we can’t assume the fact that products still matter; in fact, the Best of Interop ITX Awards are scheduled for this May and Information Week will be involved.

Nowadays the enterprise computing world usually focuses on concepts like cloud computing, mobility, Internet of Things, and big data which are a great improvement from being product-driven. Smart technology providers now emphasise more on how their new products can enable these concepts in any business environment, instead of being the latest and best as a standalone product. You can get IT help desk services (from the guys at IT support in Surrey for example), network monitoring, hardware installations and strategic advice on how to turn IT products from big noise, to big business.


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