Four working days in practice

By October 2, 2018news
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Machine learning is the key to this issue, though its complexity still exists. I wrote earlier about how AI improves the working conditions, and that’s one more thing to be added to the list. Using machine learning to eliminate “busy work” that takes too many people, companies can do more for a limited time.

Another area where we see an increase in productivity without increasing human activity is in the industrial robotics. Robots can also be used in production and shipping to avoid large workloads such as cutting products or carrying heavy loads. This can also increase security concerns in industries, that is why TUC emphasizes that we should investigate the integrity of the staff. Benefit from enhanced automation: “Deficiency should be limited if there is enough wealth or work, but how to share the wealth.”

When changes have been made efficiently, the most effective can provide a relaxing room to create a living standard. As TUC writes, “Since new technologies enable us, we may be worried about how we use this wealth to invest more time with family and friends.”In the past fifty years alone, the success of medical devices and techniques has been over in the last millennia.

Four working days in practice

One of the companies now is news. After a trial period in March and April, when workers worked four days a week (without changing wages), the company saw that it was successful and made it permanent. In particular, they emphasize that the effectiveness of staff has not been affected, team participation has risen, levels of the crisis have fallen, and (of course) the proportion of the workforce has increased. You have complete results.

Day of the week.
Other companies have also made changes. The company, which promotes network applications in Indiana, operates on Monday until Thursday. He also believes that his transition is successful. “I think we should have a matter when it comes to talent and interest, and we should give this opportunity to our employees, and it works for us and our culture.”

Basecamp, which regulates the design and communication of communications, does not plan for four years throughout the year but varies during the summer. “Our summer work is one of the best!” An extra free day allows us to spend more time with our family and friends, to engage in activities of fun or just relax. Basecamp helps staff to be happy and healthy. Without jobs. ”

How to implement a four-day work week

Eternal Guard did not tempt the blind, which is probably important to success. Instead, they relied on the study and gave the monthly announcement to the participants for discussion and preparation. Reducing a day with a game plan, such as maintaining productivity, can make employees feel frustrated and expectations. Research, training, and transparency are needed during transition and more.

“If you treat him as five days, there will be a good condition for you that will allow employees to achieve a deeper goal.” Every day, we create working units without a meeting in two-hour action so the team can focus on short-term work.

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