The advantages of ICT Disaggregation

By July 17, 2018news
The advantages of ICT Disaggregation

The advantages of ICT Disaggregation is now being shown off by none other than the UK government because Frank Maude wanted them to stop being too reliant on IT 7 years ago. Since last November, they were already promoting the benefits of the ICT provider including easier ways to work.

Unfortunately, some are a bit worried about how the government’s departments didn’t understand the message too well. Some departments rely too much on enormous suppliers and it results in fat contracts so the suppliers don’t really have others to contend with.

This issue is no joke. In fact, there are a lot of suppliers including Carillion that have recently collapsed despite the excellence of IT systems.

Other than the refusal to weather down the IT programmes, there are a lot of other reasons why this problem persists. Among them are the lack of knowledge of the in-house staff and the need to always know what’s the latest with Brexit. It’s no secret Brexit can become a distraction.

Good thing, there’s a great way to solve the problem and that’s the disaggregation of the Cabinet Office champions. This method immediately reduces the costs of ICT which is a big boost in production since it costs a lot. Also, it’s a simpler model that users can respond to in the event that things can get a bit rough which tends to happen a lot in today’s working environment.

Of course, the successful implementation isn’t about the technology. It’s about the company’s plans for its future. After all, that’s what the company needs to be focused on after every development. Instead of focusing whether or not to outsource IT staff or to hire in-house employees, companies should be focused on buying easy to learn software products. Besides, these products will have improved versions as time passes by.

Disaggregation promotes in-depth learning of these new technologies. It requires a whole new level of concentration. Yes, it’s something that you probably never experienced before. It’s going to push you to work like you’ve never worked before. Since there are new skills required, you’re never going to stop learning and that’s actually a good thing. The important thing is everything will be made easier for everyone involved.

ICT Infostructure

This is exactly what we did at the Food Services Agency. They thought they were going to be left behind forever due to their outdated practices. Good thing, we implemented updated technologies and they were quickly motivated in doing their work. Their working place eventually became a better place to work at. In fact, a lot of people were applying once they realized how they transformed their practices into better ones. We all know that’s important for employees to want to stay. In fact, those who wanted to resign quickly changed their minds.

Those who want to resort to the old-fashioned ways of operating things won’t be rewarded. In fact, it’s another way of spelling your doom. It’s important to keep up with the latest trends unless you want your company to be left behind.

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